Jun 1, 2013

Justin Bieber Gets Hit With SECOND Paternity Claim

The first "Bieber baby mama" claimer was Mariah Yeater, an overly obsessed J.B. fan. Yeater tried to sue Justin after alleging that Justin got her pregnant after sleeping with her backstage at one of his concerts. However, those accusations were proven to be false. Now the second alleged Bieber baby mom is a 25-year-old unnamed female. Apparently, she met Bieber at TGI Friday’s in Miami. The woman is claiming that they had a one-night stand after they met. The result of this alleged one night stand you may ask? A supposed “baby Bieber.” According to a source, the woman’s child, which was born in 2010, “does look a lot like Justin did at the same age.”
Poor Selena Gomez! Wasn't she with him during that time?! PLAYA PLAYA.

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