Sep 20, 2012

Hip-Hop Rumors: What Rap Legend Has Chris Brown Pissed Off?

Chris Brown
Damn. Yesterday, everybody got the rumor that I set up without names.

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Congrats to you all. Anyway, this is another one for you to figure out. A pioneer rapper, mogul and business man is looking to make the biggest comeback in history. Well, this rapper has more than made his money, set the careers of his kids off and has done incredible things. With the comeback on the horizon, he’s calling in favors from people in the game that can help him get back.
One of those people is Chris Brown. Apparently, Breezy promised to do a feature on the album, but when it came down to doing it, he was nowhere to be found. Its hard to duck people in the game and so his manager was put on the frontline. And that’s what they reported did – FRONTED! Now Breezy has beef with somebody that’s not going to throw bottles. Well, back in the day, this rapper would probably get Breezy beat down.
Maybe Brown will give his new nemesis some ice cream?

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